Right Place to Start for Beginners

If you are new to I.T. or Oracle and want to reap the benefits of this profession, then you have just reached the right place.  Zero to Pro Training is designed for people with little or no Oracle experience.  We start with basic database concepts and gradually take you to the level of professionals.  Upon completion of this training, you are a confident skilful Oracle programmer.

No Downloads

You do not have to download any software to take this online training program or to access Oracle.  All you need is an internet browser like Netscape Navigator or Internet Explorer.

Oracle Database Access Included

This training is full of examples and exercises. At no extra cost, students of this program are given Oracle database access to practice what they learn.  This is what makes the students skilful and confident.  Oracle access is provided using telnet.  Telnet is available on all the operating systems including Windows.  If you do not know what telnet is then don't worry.  Upon signing up you will receive complete instructions on what to do and how to connect to our machine.  For those who know what telnet is, you will first telnet to our machine and then launch SQL*Plus on our machine to practice Oracle SQL and PL/SQL programming.

100 Lessons in the Program

This training program consist of 100 lessons.  The lessons are not grouped by topics, instead they are grouped by the level of complexity. The first lesson introduces the basic concept, then the second lesson builds more concepts on top of those built by the first lesson and so on.

Unlike I.T. Courses, students of this program will not be allowed to jump lessons.  They must complete the lessons in sequence if they want to continue the training.  Following the right sequence is very important because this is how the course material is designed to produce maximum results.

Diversified Topics Covered

The training covers Data Modeling, SQL, PL/SQL, Application Tuning, HTML, Dynamic HTML, and generating web pages through Oracle. In data modeling lessons, you will learn about database concepts, database objects like tables, indexes, views, synonyms, indexes, and many others.  In SQL lessons, you will learn to query and manipulate data, create and modify database structures, and control the transactions.  In PL/SQL lessons, you will learn to write programs.  You will learn about triggers, procedures, functions, packages, and good programming skills.  Moreover, you will be given many examples, and asked to perform various exercises on live database connection rather than on a simulation.  Besides examples and exercises, you will also go through various projects that involve utilization of the programming skills that you will learn in this program. You will learn how to improve the performance of application. You will be taught HTML language used in building web applications. You will also learn to build web applications by generating dynamic HTML through Oracle.

Click here to see the major topics covered in Zero To Pro Training.


Each lesson will take 2 to 5 hours to complete depending on the sharpness of the student, topics in the lesson, and time student is taking to practice.  We recommend lots of practice on Oracle database.  It is better to move to the next lesson when the concepts taught in the first lesson are clearly understood.  The total time that you will take to complete this program depends on how many hours you study each day and how many days you study in a week.


You can access all the lessons that you have registered as long as you are continuing with the program.  If you register for the next lesson within three weeks, you are considered as an active student of the program and you have access to all of your previous registered lessons.  If you have not registered for the next lesson within three weeks, access to all the lessons is revoked and you are considered as a non-active student who has decided not to continue with the program.  Three weeks is more than enough time to take one lesson and to practice it. On the purchase of 100th lesson, the access to all the lessons is automatically extended for another 2 full years so that you could review the material after completing the program as well.

Note that these rules do not apply to the I.T. courses that we offer.  You are given complete access for 6 months for each registered course, irrespective of whether you are registering for other courses or not.

Diploma Awarded

Upon successful completion of this training program you will be tested.  Upon passing the exam, you will be awarded Professional Oracle Developer Diploma.  See the section Certifications to find out more about this Diploma and testing procedure.  Our Certifications are well recognized in the I.T. industry.  We provide job placements to successful candidates throughout North America and Europe through our contacts.

Affordable Fees

There are 100 lessons in this program.  You pay for the lessons as you take them.  You do not have to pay for the whole program at once.  The fee for each lesson is $13.99 US only.  If you are registering for any lesson or course for the first time, then you will be charged additional $28 US, an account setup fees.  You may pay either by Credit Card, Check/Draft/Money Order or Paypal.  Read Fees section for details.

How to Register

First, register yourself as a student by clicking of Registration from the vertical menu.  Once you receive your password in the email, login by clicking on Student's Login from the vertical menu.  Once you login, you will see a Register Course & Lesson button.  Click on it and you will find out how to pay for your first lesson of Zero to Pro Training program.

You cannot find this kind of comprehensive online training with hands-on at this price elsewhere on the web.  We highly recommend you to join this program if you have little or no previous I.T. experience.