What is iSchool?

GuruiSchool is a complete learning solution for those who wish to enter the field of Information Technology and also for those who wish to upgrade their skill set.

Salient Features of GuruiSchool:

Are you new to I.T. and looking for complete training from A to Z?

We offer "Zero to Pro" Oracle online training program with hands-on. This comprehensive training program is specially designed for those who have little or no I.T. experience. You are trained in a step by step manner from fundamental database concepts to advanced PL/SQL programming. Upon completion of the program, you will be ready to join highly technical projects. Successful candidates will receive Professional Oracle Developer Diploma, as well as placement in the I.T. job market. This is the only online training program on the web that provides Oracle access for hands-on.

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Are you already in I.T. and looking to upgrade your skill set?

We offer various courses, covering topics like SAP, Oracle Financials, E-Commerce, SQL, PL/SQL, Windows 2000, Unix, Database Administration, etc. Our courses are up-to-date and in pace with the fast moving technology. Upon completion of courses in any particular area, students have the option to write certification exams to attain Diplomas. On passing the exam, the students are awarded Diplomas. Click on Certifications to find out more about the Diplomas that we offer. Our courses are very affordable. You will not find such quality online training at this cost elsewhere on the web.

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