We offer two kinds of Certifications:

Professional Oracle Developer Diploma

The "Zero to Pro" online Oracle training program will lead to the Professional Oracle Developer Diploma. After completing this training program, you are asked to write Diploma test. Upon passing the test, you are issued Professional Oracle Developer Diploma. Only "Zero to Pro" training program students can apply for Professional Oracle Developer Diploma.

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Other Diplomas and Certificates

We offer other Diplomas and Certificates on various technologies. These are listed below. You can prepare to write tests for these certifications by taking I.T. courses that we offer on various topics. If you have taken the required courses for a specific Diploma or Certificate, you can write its test free of cost. You have unlimited attempts to pass the test as long as you are not abusing the system and you are trying to strengthen your weak areas. You have a choice of taking only few I.T. courses to upgrade your skill set in one specific area and not pursue for certification.

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Following are the certifications that we offer. To view the list of required courses that will prepare you for each Diploma or Certificate, click on the certification title.

C-099: GuruiSchool Information Technology Project Management Certificate
C-100: GuruiSchool Microsoft .Net Certificate
C-1000: GuruiSchool Web Design Certificate
C-102: GuruiSchool C# Certificate
C-103: GuruiSchool C++ Certificate
C-104: GuruiSchool Visual C++ Certificate
C-105: GuruiSchool PHP Certificate
C-106: GuruiSchool Cocoon Certificate
C-107: GuruiSchool XML Certificate
C-108: GuruiSchool Python Certificate
C-110: GuruiSchool Oracle DBA Diploma
C-115: GuruiSchool Oracle Forms Developer Diploma
C-120: GuruiSchool Oracle Financials Functional Diploma
C-122: GuruiSchool Oracle Workflow Certificate
C-130: GuruiSchool Oracle Financials DBA Diploma
C-140: GuruiSchool Oracle 9i Web Administrator Certificate
C-145: GuruiSchool Oracle 9iAS Business Intelligence Certificate
C-150: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Financials Functional Diploma
C-151: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Production Planning Certificate
C-152: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Material Management Certificate
C-153: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Plant Maintenance Certificate
C-154: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Controlling Certificate
C-155: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Service Management Certificate
C-156: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Sales and Distribution Certificate
C-157: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Project System Certificate
C-158: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Human Resource Certificate
C-159: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Investment Management Certificate
C-160: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 System Management Certificate
C-161: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Product Development Certificate
C-162: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Retail Certificate
C-163: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 Order Management Certificate
C-168: GuruiSchool SAP R/3 ABAP Certificate
C-171: GuruiSchool Unix System Administrator Certificate
C-182: GuruiSchool HTML Certificate
C-184: GuruiSchool Javascript Certificate
C-186: GuruiSchool Java Certificate
C-187: GuruiSchool E-Commerce Certificate
C-188: GuruiSchool CORBA Certificate
C-189: GuruiSchool Perl Certificate
C-190: GuruiSchool Windows 2000 Diploma
C-210: GuruiSchool Hardware Expert Diploma
C-220: GuruiSchool Security Certificate
C-230: GuruiSchool Crystal Reports Certificate
C-240: GuruiSchool WAP Certificate
C-250: GuruiSchool UML Certificate
C-260: GuruiSchool Microsoft CRM Certificate
C-270: GuruiSchool XForms Certificate
C-280: GuruiSchool Verilog HDL Certificate
C-290: GuruiSchool ASP.NET Certificate
C-300: GuruiSchool Visual Studio .NET Certificate
C-310: GuruiSchool Adobe Photoshop Certificate
C-320: GuruiSchool Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) Certificate
C-330: GuruiSchool J2EE Certificate
C-340: GuruiSchool Exchange Server Certificate
C-350: GuruiSchool Tablet PCs Certificate
C-360: GuruiSchool AppleScript Certificate
C-370: GuruiSchool Microsoft SQL Server Certificate
C-380: GuruiSchool Adobe PageMaker Certificate
C-390: GuruiSchool JavaServer Faces Certificate
C-400: GuruiSchool Business Vocabulary Certificate
C-410: GuruiSchool Tivoli Storage Manager Certificate
C-420: GuruiSchool SAP BW Certificate
C-430: GuruiSchool Secure Coding Certificate
C-440: GuruiSchool WebLogic Certificate
C-450: GuruiSchool Java Swing Certificate
C-460: GuruiSchool Flash MX Certificate
C-470: GuruiSchool Dreamweaver MX Certificate
C-480: GuruiSchool Maya Certificate
C-490: GuruiSchool Illustrator Certificate
C-500: GuruiSchool Microsoft Excel Certificate
C-510: GuruiSchool Microsoft PowerPoint Certificate
C-520: GuruiSchool Microsoft FrontPage Certificate
C-530: GuruiSchool Microsoft Word Certificate
C-540: GuruiSchool Microsoft Outlook Certificate
C-550: GuruiSchool Microsoft Access Certificate
C-560: GuruiSchool Subversion Certificate
C-570: GuruiSchool Mac OS X Certificate
C-580: GuruiSchool Red hat Linux & Fedora Certificate
C-590: GuruiSchool AxKit Certificate
C-600: GuruiSchool Jakarta Struts Certificate
C-610: GuruiSchool Eclipse Certificate
C-620: GuruiSchool Hybernate Certificate
C-630: GuruiSchool Microsoft OneNote Certificate
C-640: GuruiSchool XQuery Certificate
C-650: GuruiSchool MySQL Certificate
C-660: GuruiSchool Enterprise JavaBeans Certificate
C-670: GuruiSchool PostgreSQL Certificate
C-680: GuruiSchool Flash ActionScript Certificate
C-690: GuruiSchool Upgrading and Fixing PC Certificate
C-700: GuruiSchool PC Hardware Certificate
C-710: GuruiSchool Mozilla Application Development Certificate
C-720: GuruiSchool Snort Certificate
C-730: GuruiSchool IBM IMS Certificate
C-740: GuruiSchool Building Mobile Applications Using .Net Certificate
C-750: GuruiSchool Building Mobile Applications Using Java (J2ME) Certificate
C-760: GuruiSchool Mobile Data Management Using SyncML Certificate
C-770: GuruiSchool SQLite Certificate
C-780: GuruiSchool Filemaker Certificate
C-790: GuruiSchool Windows 2003 Server Certificate
C-800: GuruiSchool Windows 2003 Server Security Certificate
C-810: GuruiSchool ColdFusion Certificate
C-820: GuruiSchool Plone Certificate
C-830: GuruiSchool WebSphere Java Programming Certificate
C-840: GuruiSchool Apache Certificate
C-850: GuruiSchool WebSphere Administration Certificate
C-860: GuruiSchool Zope Certificate
C-870: GuruiSchool Jabber Certificate
C-880: GuruiSchool Tomcat Certificate
C-890: GuruiSchool OpenLDAP Ceritificate
C-900: GuruiSchool Ant Certificate
C-910: GuruiSchool Squid Certificate
C-920: GuruiSchool SSH Certificate
C-930: GuruiSchool JXTA Certificate
C-940: GuruiSchool RSS And Atom Certificate
C-950: GuruiSchool Boost C++ Libraries Certificate
C-960: GuruiSchool ISA Server Certificate
C-970: GuruiSchool wxWidgets Certificate
C-980: GuruiSchool Ajax Certificate
C-990: GuruiSchool XAML Certificate

Please note that GuruiSchool provides its own certifications based on its own course curriculum. These certifications and curriculum are not suggested by the vendors like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.

Our certifications are well recognized in the I.T. industry. We provide job placements to our certification holders through our contacts in all over North America and Europe, as well as in our own Consulting department.