Why learn I.T.?

Information Technology is a booming field these days. More and more companies are going towards digital means to store information. In other words, more and more companies are installing databases and building front-end applications. The rise in demand of Information Technology products has resulted in a growing number of software houses and consulting firms. The end-user companies, software houses and consulting firms have created so much demand for I.T. professionals that the demand has exceeded supply. There is still a big gap in the market yet to be filled by new I.T. professionals.

Because of this high demand and low supply, professionals in this field are enjoying high wages. Therefore if you are not happy with your current career or you want to make more money, consider a step forward into the field of Information Technology very seriously. More and more people are taking I.T. courses and filling the market gap. People from all professions are making I.T. a new profession. Most of them are successful and enjoying the benefits of being an I.T. professional.

It is easy to get into this field as compared to other fields. For example, a fast learner could become a programmer in as quick as 2 months. On average, people take 6 to 10 months to get specialized in a particular area within I.T. before they enter the job market.