How it Works?

1- Go to the Help Request page and submit the help request form. The form is very simple. Please provide as much detail as you feel necessary. If we require more information we would inform you.

2- We will quote you via email our fee, the deliverable we would provide, and the time required to provide you the deliverable. Our fee is very nominal. If we are unable to assist you for any reason, we would inform you. Usually we have solutions to most problems, and our response time is very short.

3- If you agree to our quotation, you make the payment. We accept credit cards, checks, wire transfers, and direct deposits as modes of payment. After receiving the payment, the deliverable will be provided to you within the specified time.

4- We guarantee satifisfaction. If you have any questions after the service is provided, we would be happy to provide further elaborations. Client satisfaction is a priority for us. If you are not satisfied, we would refund your payment.