How It Works

The process is very simple.

By clicking on Registration on the left menu, you fill out your personal information in the registration form and submit. You will be allowed to choose your own username. However, you will receive randomly generated password via email, which you can change afterwards. You can enter GuruiSchool using your username and password by clicking on Studentís Login on the left menu. Once you sign in, you can modify your personal information, register and take I.T. courses and "Zero to Pro" training lessons. After completing required lessons/courses you can apply to write Certification test. On passing the test, you are awarded the respective Diploma or Certificate which is sent to you by mail.

Please see Certification section for more information on Certifications.

For details on "Zero to Pro" training program, please see Zero To Pro Training section. For details on I.T. courses please see Courses section.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.