C7: Softskills
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This category contain courses related to softskills like project management, time management, leadership etc.

Following is a list of courses within this category. If you are not sure what courses to take, please read the section Certifications.

Course Code Course Name Certification
P0080 Business Writing - Creating Effective Proposals
P0090 Essentials of Management - Maintaining a Productive Workforce
P0100 Essentials of Management - Succeeding as a New Manager
P0110 Change Management - Adapting to Change
P0120 Delegation - Building Trust to Obtain Results
P0130 Financial Management - Budgeting Essentials
P0140 Financial Management - Understanding Financial Statements
P0150 Leading the Way - A Vision to the Future
P0170 Organizational Skills - Managing Information
P0180 Problem Solving - Finding the Best Options
P0190 Time Management - Making Every Moment Count
P0200 Thinking Creatively - Discovering New Ideas
P0210 Self Development - Motivating Yourself to Perform
P0220 Decision Making - Taking Positive Action
P0230 Effective Communications - Sending Clear Messages
P0240 Goal Setting - Achieving Peak Performance
P0250 High Performance Teams - Building Strong Links
P0260 Telephone Skills - Making a Positive Impression
P0270 Listening Skills - Identify Key Messages
P0280 Stress Management - Fundamentals for Employees
P0290 Stress Management - Fundamentals for Managers
P0300 Excellence in Service - Fundamentals for Employees
P0310 Excellence in Service - Fundamentals for Managers
P0320 Interviewing Skills - Conducting an Interview
P0330 Interviewing Skills - Laws Governing the Interview Process
P0340 Interviewing Skills - Preparing for an Interview
P0350 Teamwork - Working Together for Results
P0360 Team Participation - Decision Making in Teams
P0370 Team Participation - Team Communication
P0380 Team Participation - Resolving Conflict in Teams
P0390 Writing and Grammar Skills - Punctuation, Mechanics and Word Usage
P0400 Writing and Grammar Skills - The Parts of Speech
P0410 Writing and Grammar Skills - Writing Effective Sentences

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C7-1: IT Project Management
C7-2: Business Vocabulary
C7-3: IT Problem Management
C7-10: PMP Exam Preparation