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List of Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: I want to enter into I.T. field but don't know what courses to take?

ANSWER: Join the "Zero to Pro" training program. It is designed to make expert out of a person with little or no I.T. experience.

QUESTION: Who should join "Zero to Pro" training program and who should take I.T. courses?

ANSWER: If you are new to I.T. then "Zero to Pro" training is the best choice for you. It will make you an Oracle Developer with PL/SQL and Java skills which is highly in demand these days. If you know what you want to learn in I.T. and in which area you want to further grow, then the I.T. courses are for you. You can choose from wide variety of topics.

QUESTION: I understand that if I join "Zero to Pro" training, I will get Oracle database connection. What is the system requirement for Oracle?

ANSWER: You will not be required to download Oracle database on your computer. Therefore you do not have to worry about system requirements for Oracle database. You will connect to our computer using Telnet. Every operating system has telnet feature available to connect to other computers. You will receive complete instructions on signing up. In order to view the course material you need internet browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer.

QUESTION: Do I have to write a test to achieve Diploma?

ANSWER: Yes you have to write a test to achieve Diploma.

QUESTION: Can't I just write the test directly without taking the required courses for the Diploma?

ANSWER: For Profession Oracle Developer Diploma you have to take the "Zero to Pro" training program to write the test. For other Diplomas you have to take the required I.T. courses to write the test. You can not write the Diploma test without taking the courses or lessons from us.

QUESTION: Where will I take tests and how long is each test?

ANSWER: You will take tests on the web. Time limit for each test is 1.5 hours.

QUESTION: What is the passing score? Do I have one chance only?

ANSWER: The passing score is 70%. You have unlimited attempts as long as you are not abusing the system and are working on your week areas.

QUESTION: What type of questions are asked in the test?

ANSWER: The test comprises of 30 to 50 randomly selected multiple choice questions, true false questions and questions requiring a typed response.

QUESTION: How do you mark the test?

ANSWER: Each correct answer results in 1 point and each wrong answer results in 1/4 point penalty. The negative marking is imposed to prevent wild guessing.

QUESTION: Do you do job placements for students?

ANSWER: Yes we do job placements for those students who achieve Diploma from us. We have contacts with consulting companies and software-houses all over the world who are interested in our students. We place students in North America and Europe.

QUESTION: If I achieve the Diploma from GuruiSchool, how long will it take me to get a job.

ANSWER: Usually Diploma holder students are hired immediately. In worse situation, It could take upto a month.

QUESTION: Will I have a choice of working in particular state or country?

ANSWER: We do placements in USA, Canada and Europe for our students. Usually there are enough jobs out there to accomodate the location preferences of the students.

QUESTION: Do you process work permits?

ANSWER: Yes we do process Canadian work permits for Diploma holders. We process only Canadian work permits not USA work permits. We find the job on your behalf and bring you to this country as our employee. As our employee you can work with our Consulting Firm or any other company in the country.

QUESTION: Can you tell me if you have a job opening in my state/province.

ANSWER: The best time to answer this question is when you have completed the Diploma. Job opportunities keep on arising and being filled. Usually there are enough jobs to accomodate your location preference.

QUESTION: What is the expected duration of each I.T. course and "Zero to Pro" training lessons?

ANSWER: Each I.T. course and "Zero to Pro" lesson is of different length. You could take 2 to 5 hours to complete each course/lesson depending upon the topics covered in the course or lesson and your ability to learn.

QUESTION: What is the fee for the training?

ANSWER: Fee for I.T. courses starts from $9.99 US only. Fee for each "Zero to Pro" training lesson is $13.99 US only. You will be charged one time account setup fees of $28 US when you will register for your first course or lesson.

QUESTION: Do I have to purchase any other training material like books or guides?

ANSWER: No, you do not have to purchase any other training material. We provide all the training material on the web. There is no hidden cost involved.

QUESTION: Do I have to download any training material?

ANSWER: No, you do not have to download any training material. All the training material will be provided to you on the web.

QUESTION: What is the system requirment to take your courses?

ANSWER: You only need a web browser like Netscape or Internet Explorer to take our courses. You can take our courses from any computer, IBM compatible PC or MAC.

QUESTION: I am not in USA or in Canada, can I still take your courses?

ANSWER: Yes, you can take our courses from any where in the world. It is web based training.

QUESTION: I do not have a credit card, how else can I pay?

ANSWER: Beside using credit card, you can pay by check, money order or bank draft. You can also use paypal.com to pay the fees. You will see all the payment options once you login.

QUESTION: Is your credit card transaction secure?

ANSWER: Our credit card transcations are very safe and are processed over a secure server. They are handled by a company called CLICK BANK. They handle credit card transactions for many companies and use secure server.

QUESTION: Can I use my referral account to pay for the course fee?

ANSWER: Yes you can. Send us an email when you acquire money in your referral account and when you are ready to take courses.

QUESTION: I will be taking the course sometimes in future, can I still refer somebody?

ANSWER: Yes you can. You do not have to take courses to earn referral commission.

QUESTION: Once a course or lesson is paid for, can I review the material more than once?

ANSWER: Off course you can. You can revisit the material as long as you have the access.

QUESTION: For how long is my access valid?

ANSWER: For I.T. courses you get access for 6 months. 6 months time is more than enough to complete one course. For "Zero to Pro" lessons you have the access to all the lessons as long as you are registering for new lessons within 3 weeks. 3 week time is more than enough to complete one lesson.

QUESTION: I access the course from work and office. Would my account be cancelled because I am using two IPs?

ANSWER: Off course not. We monitor IP addresses to prevent abuse of the system and illegal logins. Our system has built-in rules to detect the illegal activities which includes the activity of accessing the course material from two different IPs at the same time and accessing the courses from many different IPs in short period of time. Accessing the courses from home and from office at different timings will not result in termination of your account.

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